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Every company owner wants the best solutions to help drive their business to be leaders in their industry. We have solutions to make that push possible.
Our creativity is your start of successful projects
Dzine7Studios is a creative web design studio and software house based in Coventry. We specialize in creating custom Web Design & Development, Back Office Software, Product Management, Brand Development, Online Marketing, and SEO as our core services. Creating our solutions in house from scratch, tailored to match your needs allows us the flexibility to deliver all the functionality you require to help drive your company forward.

With over 20 years experience within e-commerce our team have in depth knowledge of not just web design and development but also the marketing of your companies brand and the products on offer, allowing us to quickly assess and provide workable solutions specifically for your company, not just an off the shelf product.
We always look to provide for the next generation. With a "Mobile First" approach we deliver designs that scale from your average, every day mobile phones (which account for more than 30% of today's searches and site visits) all the way up to impressive desktop resolutions with a clean, readable and usable design. Our team of talented and enthusiastic designers and developers work closely with you to bring your new project to life in the very best, and most efficient way possible.

And that's not all! We want your projects to succeed and make sure you are completely satisfied with the product we deliver so our SEO team will always get involved to make sure every aspect needed for high ranking is included from the initial design, tweaked and fine tuned along the way.
We pride ourselves on delivering what you need to help your company grow.
All websites are not equal and we know that!

We can cater for anything from a simple multi-page information site all the way up to 5,000+ product e-commerce solutions with customizable products, price breaks, wholesale/trade and normal sales sides, ebay integration and any other feature to suite your every need.

We enjoy a challenge as much as the next guy and like to put our system to the test adding in new functionality and advanced features where needed (our development team need to earn their wages!) and are certain we can provide what you need.
You've seen this 100 times before,
from 100 different companies,
what makes Dzine7Studios any different?
The (DZine) 7 steps:
Getting to know you
The most important thing about a design is that it reflects your own companies branding, and provides everything (and more) that the other leading companies in your sector do. Our design team will get to know you and check over the other companies to ensure we deliver a final product that exceeds what the others provide and provides everything you want it to.
Not just off the shelf
Shopiwho? waxon what? pressingwords where? We have developed our own custom back end system that far exceeds what an off the shelf system could ever offer, and as its all built in house, we can manipulate an already solid system to whatever you need it to do without the limitation you find in ready made packages.
Data integration/migration
We import all of your existing data or provide an easy means for you to do it all in house to fit the new layouts and designs to get everything running with minimal effort on your behalf.
Get your tweak on
With your new site looking ready, it wont quite be. We will start from the home page and check everything is working, making sure you are happy with everything, signing off all the pages as we go until you have exactly what you wanted.
Bringing it to life
With your new website ready to go, we will be on hand to ensure the changeover is a seamless as possible, triple checking everything is working and where it should be on the live version as it was on the test version. We will also help with any final data entry you need prior to live launch if required.
An SEO a day
Once your new site is live, our SEO team are on hand to make sure all you keywords are in place, your site is submitted properly to all the major search engines and that you know what information (if any) you don't already have would be an advantage ad how to get it in there.
We don't stop there
When a project is live. We've been doing this long enough to know something somewhere will always need a slight change. Our developers will be on hand to make sure everything is fine tuned after launch to prevent any problems in the future.
Having a website that you are proud of and correctly branded to your company is one of the most important features in today's market, going online for the first time can even increase turnover by 45%. Its estimated that over 80% of people research a product pricing online before purchasing.

Having spent over 20years building our own bespoke system from scratch and developing it into new and exciting directions we know the importance of price and time. Solutions we supply are not 'out of the box' and are built bespoke for clients, we do not limit the use of the site (even our cheapest option for just information pages/galleries) provides no limit to the number of pages, the only limit is the hosting size and that's huge.

Our pricing is based on what you have and what you want, if you are interested in a quote and want to take your company up a gear online please contact us and we can discuss your requirements in detail to give you an accurate price and a rough timescale.

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What We Can Do
Web Design
Creating easy to use and visually appealing websites is our bread and butter. Built with our own custom back end CMS to ensure you have everything you need, fast, smooth and secure.
Software Development
From simple marketing emailing systems to complex competitor comparison tools linked in to your existing back end we can provide custom software for real world business requirements.
We provide solutions to help improve your "organic" visibility on the web, by helping to ensure your website delivers everything search engines look for helping you climb the results ladder faster.
Email Marketing
Developing custom email templates for campaigns to better help your company connect with its customers and bring all the branding together delivering better conversion rates for projects.
Social media management solutions can help you manage outbound and incoming online interactions - along with other small business marketing activities - in an efficient manner.
Brand Management
Brand management refers to influencing and controlling an individual's or business's reputation. Originally a public relations term, today it?s an issue of search results.
Content Marketing
Content strategy is becoming steadily more critical to successful marketing both on and offline and in order to help your growth you need to ensure you have something captivating.
Online Advertising
With the development of the Internet, advertising has moved to the Web and its critical for the e-world. Our experts can help you manage your online advertising strategy.
Clents and brands
Here are just some of the companies we have worked with over the years
Windmill Bakery
Eclipse Computers
Choke Gaming
eSports Interactive
The Pilot Pub
Computec Trading Ltd
Tina Winters





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